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Tips & Hints


If your student is absent and would like to get homework for the days missed, you may access it through Q Connection (the district's online grade/records system) or through your teacher’s website.

If you have questions, you may email your teacher. Visit our staff directory for contact information.

If the teacher is going to leave any homework for your student, those items may be picked up in the attendance office mail room on the cabinet to your right when you enter the room. If you want to leave completed work for your student’s teacher, it can be placed in the teacher’s mailbox in the mail room.


Students often come to the office looking for change to use in the vending machines on campus. The office does not keep any cash and is unable to make change for students. Please have students keep several quarters in their backpacks if they plan to use the vending machines.

Student Items

In order to keep the office orderly and free of clutter, please follow these rules when it comes to student items.

  • The green counter in the attendance office mail room is not for student storage of items.
  • Students with items they do not want to lug around all day should come to school early enough to drop those items in the classrooms where items will be needed.
  • Student items not needed until the end of the day should be dropped in the last-period classroom.

For parents who are dropping off items for students:

  • Clearly mark item with student's first and last name.
  • Items left for students should be placed on the green counter in the office mail room.
  • School policy is that classes will not be disrupted for delivery of items students forgot to take to school. Please do not ask us to notify your student.
  • Students are encouraged to check the counter during passing periods or lunch for items left for them.
  • An announcement will be made at the end of the day for students to claim properly marked items still left in the office.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Attendance Line: (925) 426-3770

One helpful hint is to put the phone number for the attendance office on your cell phone. If you are running late, you can always make a quick call to excuse your student.