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One of the missions of the PTSA is to assist teachers and staff to enrich and enhance the academic environment of the students at Hart Middle School

What is the PTSA Looking for in a Grant application?
  • Applicant must be a paid PTSA member
  • Applicant must obtain the approval of their Department Head PRIOR to submitting the request
  • Grants will be considered for teachers and staff when funding is not available through regular school/district sources
  • Requests must benefit more than just a few students during this school year
  • Requests will impact a wide variety of subject areas or grade levels
What Grants can fund:
  • Supplies, materials, and equipment (books, magazines, and newspapers)
  • Support for school programs
  • Instructional CDs, videos, software
  • Requests that impact under-served school groups or subjects
What Grants cannot fund:
  • Projects that benefit just a very few students (ex. competition fees)
  • Direct payment of transportation costs, hotels, etc. (due to insurance limitations)
  • Direct payments of salaries or substitute teachers costs
  • Personal gifts cards for individuals

Once the PTSA has received the grant application, the Grants Coordinator will confirm receipt and may ask for additional documentation or information to further clarify the request.